NMD 3105



Course Credit           : (3+0)

Classroom                :

Day&Time                 : Monday 10:30-12:30, Friday 10:30-11:30

Instructors               : Burçe Çelik, PhD.

Office Hours             : Wednesday 14:30-16:30

E-mail                                    : burce.celik@bahcesehir.edu.tr

Course Book                        : The print material can be taken from the instructor.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Social movements are roughly defined as social change at local, national or global level. This change can take place in terms of affecting the human rights issues and concerns or policies, ethnic, national or gender equality issues, environmental, class and religious/ secularist changes driven by people rather than the governments of power regimes. This course aims to discuss the link between media technologies, including the digital and mobile ones and social movements of the recent past. The students collectively produce a vivid blog which is updated every week –compulsory- or more than once in a week (optional).


System Requirements Number Percentage of grade
Attendance /Participation/ 1 15
Blog posts (Final project, other posts, reflections, facilitation notes) 10 75
Presentation 1 10



Blog Posts:

  1. Presentation: Once every student will put their presentation (pps, video, photographs or collages) on the blog. (5 points)
  2. Discussion facilitation: Once each student will prepare questions about the issues that we will speak about and upload these questions one day before the class. After the class discussion, the same student will summarize the class discussions in a blog post. Students can use visual, textual and audible materials to summarize the significant points within the discussion.  (10 points)
  3. Guest speakers reflections: Each student will reflect on a guest speaker talk three times during the semester. The reflection should offer a balanced combination of commentary and summary. Details to be announced.  (15 points – 5 points each)
  4. Reflections: Each student will prepare 4 different reflections for different weeks and assigned issues and readings. Consult with me about the selection of topics in the third week. Reflections should be based on not a summary of readings or class discussions but on new materials and new discussions that students will bring up about the assigned issues. For instance, if we are speaking about class movements and Zapatista as a case example, you are expected to bring other examples of class movements in other countries where the use of media has been significant for the movement. Once more, students can use textual, visual or audible materials for that. (20 points- 5 points each)
  5. Final Project: This project should offer an enriched material (including visuals and a text) about a research on a particular sort of social movement and a case study related to the particular type of movement. (25 points).


Presentation: Each student will do a short presentation on readings of each week. 10 points.

September 23rd  and 27th : Introduction

September 30th – October 4th : Social Movement and Media I
Readings from Natalie Fenton, İrem İnceoğlu
October 9th: Media, Public Sphere and Surveillance
Readings from Jürgen Habermas and Darin Barney
Melis (presentation)
October 7th –October 11th:  Arab Spring I
Online documents and readings from Çelik
Frederik (Presentation) – Berna (Question)
October 14th – October 18th: Holidays 


October 21st – October 25th : Middle Eastern Movements
Online documents (Green Movement in Iran, Palestinian Movement)Imane (presentation) – Yetiş (presentation), Şahin (question) 
October 28th– November 1st: Islamic and other Religious Movements
Cassette Technologies (Khomeyni, Gülen, Muslim Brothers etc)Willi (question), Frederik (question) Yılmazhan (presentation), 
November 4th– November 8th: Ethnic and Nationalist Movements
Online documents (India, Kurds, Zapatista) (Readings from Zeynep Gambetti)
Sedat (questions), Doruk (Presentation), Ahmet (Presentation), Serhatcan (Question)
November 11th– November 15th: Feminist, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Movements
Online documents (U.S., U.K and Australia) (1960s emphasis)
Hazal(Presentation), Melis(question)
Aleksandra(Presentation), Mona (question)Mitchel (Presentation), Mette (Questions)Erdem (Presentation)


November 18th– November 22nd: Anti-war movement
Online documents (anti-Vietnam, protests against Iraq Invasion)
Adrian (Questions), Justin(Presentation), Selçuk(Question), Nur (Presentation)
November 25th– November 29th: Anti-capitalism, anti-globalization movements I
Online documents (Battle in Seattle, Occupy Movement)
Hazal  (Question), Mette(Presentation)Adrian (Presentation), Leszek (Question) 
December 2nd– December 6th:  Anti-capitalism, anti-globalization movements II
Online documents (Cases in Argentina and other Latin countries)
Justin Hanney (Questions), Leszek (Presentation), Serhatcan (Presentation), Begüm (Question) 
December 9th– December 13th:  Environmental Movements
Online documents (Naomi Klein)
Aleksandra (Questions), Willi (Presentations)Mitchel (Questions),  Berna (Presentation) 
December 16th– December 20th:  Student Movements
Online documents (Quebec, Turkey)
Sedat (Presentations), Doruk(Questions)Mona (Presentation), Şahin (Presentation), Ahmet (question), Serhatcan (Question)


December 23th:  Social Movements in Turkey
Online documents (Gezi)
Selçuk ( Presentation), Imame(Questions), Yılmazhan (Question), Begüm (Presentation), Yetiş (Question), Erdem (question), Şahin (Question)



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