Anti war movements (FİNAL PROJECT)

Being able to stop standing in the way of existing in the world, being able to remain strong through the victories of the war.This situation had contunied since centuries. As most of people had adopted this idea with the word “war” some people also was against this. People who want to take their land,borders, weak people, strong people, people want their freedom always tried to achieve this wih wars.

Activisims against wars is a social event. It started within the same decisions öf society against carrying guns. Activists work together with society and for protests in order to stop this chaos and war which is also against the governments.

Some examples for the protests against war are listed below

Protests in the USA against them war in Iraq,  the activists act to protect the rights of the civilians and children who has no guilt in the events happening in the Iraq. One other issue that activist stand for the damage of the guns using in the war and Burning oil Wells to the nature

The antiwar movement includes a wide circle besides peace movements like not being dependent on a central guidance. This mass circle showed a different acts like aggregate protests to sitting protests, people shield to hacts of computer Monsters, concerts to signature gathering,  Greenpeace acts to conscientious objection to Oscar protests, hanging posters on individual houses to people wearing pins on the streets .This antiwar movement had made a purpose to create collective conscience against people murdered in Iraq,emphasize them and create a world view on humanity.

People among different geography, region, religion, culture and society tried to Relax with their conscience by telling the things they are not happy with.  Rome with 2 million, Madrid with 2 million,  London with 1,5 million,  Newyork with 500 thousand, Berlin with 500 thousand,  Sydney again 500 thousand Paris 250thousand had joined this act and on the 15 February 2003, Saturday they created a big event among 70 country, 300 city,  about 10 million people. (Akınay,  2003:98)

Even if antiwarism is not been well cared,  a survey conducted in 2010 showed that, antiwar believes are more than war believers.

Vietnam war

An example to this can be showed as an actual against Vietnam war acts. Anti Vietnam War acts start in 1964. Before this date, there are some little groups consists of A few peace groups. The aim of these acts are to show there is an similar organization against Vietnam war. With this reason, it is seen that different groups gather in one idea.  This is just seen in the 60’s peace movements. Sometimes there can be conflict between different peace groups either. Antiwar groups are all have different purposes and methods. Capitalist and revolutionist groups are trying to demolish capitalism however women rights groups defend woman rights and freedom, but even if they all have different purposes they all come together with the idea of antiwar.

    If you are in the government begins to spread opposition to war in 1968. The most important anti-war movement is opposition within the army. Thousands of U.S. soldiers will refuse to obey orders. Hundreds of officers of the United States were killed by their own soldiers. In 1960,the civil rights movement in America anti-war movement across the country would be a great public support. From the public following the bloody conflicts of the American people begin to protest their country. Everywhere in the country at slaughter were shown on television in a detailed manner.

Containing all of the political, racial, and cultural issues of the 1960s anti-war movement will cause huge divisions in society.

Vietnam war movement against the university campuses of the middle-class slums of labor unions, government agencies, civil rights movement supporters, feminists, conscientious objectors, vietnam veterans, their religious pacifists, democrats, republicans and the clergy are so many different walks of individuals and groups have provided extensive support .

As an example of these countries define themselves as hawks and doves, two groups were formed. Hawks defending thepresidentss policies were cut. Pigeons Americans were opposed to the war. The war between the government of South Vietnam and the Vietcong in the American civil war is a need not to be mixtures were supported.Pigeons intense aerial bombardments, American troops killing civilians and chemical gas against the use of them.1960’s and 70s in the anti-war movement on a survey conducted in the men hawk support there women is higher than was observed.After the Tet offensive in January 1968, 56 percent of the American people for Atmaci, 28 percent supported the pigeons pigeons after this event has increased the proportion of support. In addition, the power of religion or religious belief of hawk or dove, but support has emerged that there is no effect. On the other hand, most of the provinces in the south of the war in American growth, whether it be of support was roaring.(Hodgson, 336)

During the war is a wide variety of tactics used by opponents of the war. Legal shown, base, organizing, lobbying in Congress, support candidates in elections pro-peace, civil disobedience, to go to the army, conscientious, self-burning, not to tax them as examples

These actions are the most popular to tax decentralization. In 1966, the government obtained from telephone tax money allocated to explain how the war goes. Thereupon pacifists (peacemakers) want to be the payment of this tax. In 1966, war tax resistance (war-tax resistance) organization is established.

Join the movement against the Vietnam War, the U.S. is the most successful movements.

 One another war; south africa border war. This call for an end to the military campaign in the anti-war movement was performed. committee was formed and the South African War resisters. remaining in this war there were many anti-war people.2005 2006 during the American against Iran a possible military intervention can be found on was talked.war anti-activists, journalists and academics to the world as announced in america Iranian nuclear bomb to produce world threat as showing a possible battle ground was prepearing told.

these reports and escalation between Iran and western states,created citizens organization.In America and in England have organized campaigns for protecting military intervention against Iran


”Antimilitarism is the contrast of war in general and not specific wars. Whatever the reason or justification for the policy as a method of warfare negative. Justified or unjustified war than he refuses to categorize.This is not due to rejection class sexual cultural interests received moral and political reasons for Antimilitarism. However, conscientious rejection and the message also is a requirement of the anti-war actions. Freedom to question whether the security community Antimilitarism Does freedom of the individual as an individual responds to the question.”

Conscientious Rejection

Conscientious objection is a compulsory status that, political, religious or moral values ​​based on the persons refusal to do military service . . Conscientious objectors to military service because of their faith in all circumstances, but those objections are refusnik, while the military who do not fulfill orders that do not fit to their conscience. They can die for the defense of Israel, but they are going to military occupation.

One of the reasons for rejection, even if the enemy is to kill people find moral. the worlds first known conscientious objectors Maximilian there of 21 Years in North Africa when he was summoned to a young Roman army were executed for stubbornly refusing to go.

for the first time on 5 September 1798 with the start of conscription in France began to organize .1. Shortly after World War WRI (War Resisters’ International – Council of War Resisters’ International was founded after the second world war and the cold war era and forth rapidly.

In western Europe in past 10 years in many countries compulsory military was demolished.  .Belgium (1995), The Netherlands (1996), France (2002), Spain (2003), Hungary and the Czech Republic (2004), Italy (1 January 2005) in other countries alternative public services are implemented. In Russia the situation is somewhat different in Russia the number of deserters higher than the number of open conscientious objectors.

Mothers of soldiers who deserted compared to the estimated annual number of 40,000 finds. No unified refusal movement in Russia. Soldiers’ Mothers Movement – supporting refusers of the most powerful movements violations of human rights support to soldiers leaving their units and polling / focus on draft evasion. This support is often not an anti-militarist perspective, life safety and health of their sons related feeds on fear. However, the Soldiers’ Mothers movement in the war in Chechnya often strongly opposes.

Conscientious objection in Turkey, it is not recognized as a right in law and on conscientious objectors conscientious objectors to a special arrangement is made, all other military-age men with Turkish nationals are treated in the same way. Conscientious objection in Turkey, despite the decision taken after the penalty call and recruitment for military service due to the continuation of the order or refusal to renounce objectors are fulfilling his military service or civil disobedience have continued. Denial or who insist on living as fugitives or recruitment despite the tasks are thrown into prison for refusing military.

Although a member of the council of europe turkey conscientious objection is one of the rare countries that refuse to recognize as eligible. Despite explaining that conscientious objection in Turkey are 220 persons.


asker doğmayanlar (pınar öğünç)

( kavramlar sözlüğü 2 ,özgür üniversite yayınları)

C.Ü. Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi küresel yeni sosyal hareketler ve savaş karşıtlığı- Ünal şentürk


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