How Possible is Virtual World?

My reflections of article “A Virtual World is Possible”.

The article raises some issues that were very important in the history of the Internet. I agree with the author, as many of them shaped its present shape. What’s more, I’m from a generation for whom everything was new. On the one hand it was a trap, which now has large consequences. Range of free Internet, being in contact via the Internet have given a great opportunity. On the other hand, proved to be a trap for those who do not fully know how to exploit that potential. Each of us knows the events of the mid-nineties.

The event was called the dot-com bubble or the dot-com boom. The idea was that the company overestimated their chances of occurrence on the Internet. This caused panic. In addition to this came many accounting scandals associated with the dotcoms artificially inflating their income. This shows that the use of the Internet without the basic knowledge bringing more risks than benefits.

Another important issue for me was the extent of information transmitted over the Internet. The author points out that there is no contradiction between the street and cyberspace. In the era of new media tools is a very important issue. In addition, the author of the article asks a very important question: How long can a movement grow and stay “virtual”?

I refer here to the recent events that cunning for almost the entire European Union. The idea was to introduce special restrictions to express freedom of speech on the Internet. Regulation on ACTA was heavily criticized, especially because the government wanted to introduce a secret by the public. Almost immediately, large-scale protests erupted in the cities of European countries. What’s more, the same is happening: protests take place under the eyes of the world media. People were able to come together, because it was about a common interest – the Internet was still remain a place where you can express your views. The ongoing protests for weeks finally led to the fact that the government has decided to step down. This shows that the Internet remains an important destination for many people who will fight for it to remain that way.


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