FINAL PROJECT. Anti Abortion Activism – Pro-life organizations

Different ways of seeing the aspect of sexes,  about definition of parenthood and about human nature are all called into issue of abortion.  Abortion, therefore gives us a rate opportunity to examine closely a set of values that are almost never directly discussed. Because those values apply to spheres of life that are very private ( sex) or very diffuse (morality), most people never look at the patterns they from. For this reason the abortion debate has become something that illuminates our deepest, and sometimes our dearest, beliefs.  But if we can still find the organizations that’s fighting for life, for protecting life? If they have right to do this or if the topic is  so private that its shouldn’t be talking in public debate? Some people also say about anti- abortion terrorism- can we say that it’s really happening?

But what exactly are we talking about?  According dictionaries abortion (Latin abortus or abortio)  is intentional and premature termination of pregnancy as a result of external intervention , such as medical operations .  The result is the death of the embryo or fetus.

Making abortion is regulated by law . The legislation in this area is different from each other in different countries. Both abortion itself , as well as methods for introducing her to the legislation are the subject of numerous controversies.


Abortion in the world

According to the adopted in 1989 by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years (Article 1 ), and every child has the inherent right to life (Article 6).

In 2004, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (not made ​​by a majority)  ruled that ” the unborn child is not considered a ‘ person ‘ directly protected by Art. 2 of the Convention [ right to life ] , even if the unborn is no ‘ right ‘ to ‘ life ‘ to it implicitly limited by the rights and interests of the mother . “

In countries where abortion is legal on request , shall be permitted only in the early stages of pregnancy. After the first trimester except for specific exceptions, is generally regarded as a criminal offense .



What about Pro- life organizations?

Pro-life (literally, for life) organizations and social movements engaged in educational activities, educational and scientific serving defense of human life from conception to natural death. Grant aid, including families with many children, dysfunctional and single parents, try to also interact with the legislation on such issues as abortion, euthanasia, cloning or the use of the death penalty, although it was felt that the social are associated mainly with opposition to abortion. Pro-life movements are active in all the democratic countries of the world.

One of the most well-known activists Gianna Jessen, who survived despite attempts to perform an abortion on her.

The movement’s roots 70s , in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court listed abortion as a constitutional right . Since then, many organizations have fought tooth and nail to defend life from the moment of conception. Pro-life can count on the support of the Catholic Church and American foundations . The money will help to mobilize people

Respect for life is a universal value shared by everyone who depends on what is the common good , it is not a value exclusive to religious people . Of course we are very pleased with the job that takes most religions , in particular the Catholic Church , Evangelical and Protestant , explains Paul Ginoux Defermon , a member of the French anti-abortion 30anscasuffit (literally, 30 years is enough ! ) , A group of various associations , having a total of over 100 000 members. Each European country has its own legislation, including regulations on abortion. For pro-life associations is not important to harmonize the law. Every country should have its own regulations banning or restricting abortion, together with the policy of supporting life, explains Ginoux Defermon

thesis that human life begins at conception ;

interpretation of international legal instruments ( guarantee – as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Convention on the Rights of the Child – the right to life of every human being ) as well as relating to human fetuses ;

humanistic values ​​( an absolute respect for human life at every stage , proclaimed among others, by John Paul II , Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi and Ernesto Cofiño ) ;

facts about the dangers of abortion on women’s health .


In the pro-life environments, there is a great diversity of ideological activists such as part allows the use of modern contraceptive methods and see in it a way to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies and hence abortions , while Catholic circles are against artificial methods of birth control in their place by promoting the natural family planning or sexual abstinence . Among the activists and supporters of the pro-life movement are people of different faiths as well as non-believers , therefore, some initiatives are more religious other, more secular in nature. Most organizations pro-life does not identify with any political , in some countries , however, operate anti-abortion activists, organizations representing a particular political option .

Activity movement in Poland

Since 2006, the pro-life movement organized in Warsaw March for Life and Family , which promotes pro-family attitudes and respect for the life of every person , from conception to natural death.

March 24 is celebrated in Poland National Day of Life. It is a celebration enacted by the Parliament in 2004 . This day is to encourage reflection on the responsibility to protect and build respect for life .

March 21 held its annual pilgrimage Polish defenders of life to Jasna Gora .

In June 2008, the notorious was the case of the fourteen girls from Lublin which activists pro – life tried to stop before the abortion. The procedure was performed after the intervention of the Minister of Health .

March 1, 2009 through the streets of Poznan passed the first March for Life . The march was organized by the youth gathered around Duszparsterstwa  Academickiego Initiative and the March for Life pro-life youth association – ” Students for Life” . The march was attended by over 1500 people.

5 April 2009 in Poznań II held a march for life.


Anti abortion terrorism?

Of all the forms of ” extremism of one case ” the most brutal terrorism is anti-abortion . Extreme fractions pro-life movement radically with the progressive liberalization of the West, the right to abortion and the early 90’s, decided to move to an open fight. Radical in the form of opposition to abortion was not a new phenomenon so far , but the cut-off date is the year 1993 , when the U.S. for the first time , was murdered performing an abortion doctor – Dr. David Gunn . Treating abortion as genocide , radical activists of the pro-life does not smell in fact kill those who they believe are responsible for them – especially doctors – gynecologists . Their determination well illustrated fragment messages published by one of the most extreme anti-abortion extremist group ” Ni moment longer ! All the options have been exhausted. Our Grim God , your Lord and Lord requires that the blood of whoever poured human blood , by man has been shed . I do not hate you, but for the love of those who kill , we are forced to raise arms against you . Our life for yours – a simple equation . ”

Terrorism is anti-abortion occurs primarily in the USA and Canada. Incidents against this background was also recorded in Australia. Radical opponents of abortion also tried to move its operations in the UK , but this has been unsuccessful after British authorities deported activist who came from the USA , which was to create a local structure of the movement.

In the U.S., radical opponents of abortion are often referred to collectively as ” Army of God” ) . However, there remain more a group of believers in the same ideas and acting more or less independently of individuals, but organized movement. Their ideologue , a kind of chaplain is pastor Michael Bray . He has published a book titled ” A Time to Kill ” , which justifies the biblical point of view of the need to kill those who perform abortions . Icon is moving while Paul Jennings Hill . This was a Presbyterian minister in 1994 murdered gynecologist John Britton and his bodyguard and wounded the wife of a doctor. Sentenced to death , was executed in 2003, members of the movement consider him henceforth as a martyr .

According to data provided by the National Abortion Federation , since 1977 in the U.S. and Canada radical opponents of abortion have made seven murders (victims are mainly doctors – gynecologists and abortion clinic workers ), 17 attempted murders , three kidnappings , 100 assaults with a caustic substance 41 bombings , 173 arsons , 89 attempted fire or bombing of 1374 intrusion , vandalism in 1213 . This involves them also from bombing during the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 later became a popular method of fighting is sending letters to abortion clinics with white powder (ie theoretically, anthrax ) . Only in 2001 a man named Clayton Wagner sent them 550

Radical opponents of abortion in the United States lead a controversial website called the Nuremberg Files. It contains the data ( names, addresses , phone numbers ) doctors performing abortions.

The problem of anti-abortion terrorism in the U.S. is treated very seriously. Even in the late 90’s to combat this threat allocated more FBI agents than to monitor the activities of Al-Qaeda .

Incidents on the background of opposition to abortion were also registered in Australia. There was murdered by one person – a security guard at an abortion clinic


As a conclusion, we see that some extremists take the concept of abortion to a point that it looks like committing a genocide, but I think abortion can be left to be legal as sometimes there are circumstance and conditions that a woman has to do abortion, but considering health issues as first priority and other life conditions example poverty in a family or life hardship of a woman or family in general. Anti abortion organizations and Pro life organisations can in fact teach and spread word to the people who do abortion because of reason such as having unprotected sex and many youth who do not care of getting pregnant and do abortion after. This group of people are the one who should fall under the anti-abortion activists hand and be considered as murderers.


The Social Movements Reader, Jeff Goodwin and James M.Jasper

Priests for Life Offers $50,000 Reward for Clinic Shooters , Kevin Eckstrom

 Fatal abortion clinic bombing condemned by pro-life leaders , Art Toalston


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