Zapatista Movement

1 January  1994 known as the Zapatistas , Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN ) in Chiapas province of Mexico in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas has created a riot .  1 January  1994 this day as the beginning of the revolt was selected following the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA ) entered into force on the day comes from that . Slogans was: Ya basta ! ( “Enough is enough ! “). The Zapatistas from the beginning, injustice and humiliation of five hundred years against the outputs and the autonomy of requests , neo -liberalism and NAFTA part and symbol that against imperialism worldwide current struggle ties say that .

We have to keep in mind the following Chiapas, Mexico’s poorest regions and is probably the overwhelming majority of the population “native “, that is composed of people . The first Catholic bishop of Chiapas lives of indigenous peoples to defend their right to equal treatment one dedicated 16 century Dominican friar , was Bartolomé de Las Casas . 1994 Las Casas ‘s time to see what the locals were given this right .

In 2001, during the Mexican Zapatistas organized a peaceful march towards the capital . However, in the Mexican legislature , to enact the principles of reconciliation hoped to press . Walking was enormous , but still stayed council against it . In 2005, the Zapatista’s ” Other Campaign ” launched . Objectives in other states with less near -bearing group aims to launch an alliance between Zapatistas these efforts , although still a tremendous did not change the current policy of the Mexican government .

Zapatistas in the 2006 elections , Felipe Calderón of the conservative likely to win against a tense electoral competition within the center-left presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has vehemently refused to support . This movement Zapatista sympathizers in Mexico López Obrador ‘s election to lose , and it caused a great rift between those who think that the rest of the world has caused . The roots of this attitude of the Zapatistas , the choice of policy is thought did not work . Zapatistas in Brazil, Lula , Chavez in Venezuela , Latin America’s middle left of the president approach to their oppressed majority on the floor of a fundamental change that can not , top-down movements argued that because they , is highly critical . Zapatistas spoke about the good government of Cuba is the only Latin American governments in the true sense because the only government they are considered to be anti-capitalist . A little on the world stage farklı.1994 table of Zapatista rebellion movements against the world system , no doubt a great source of inspiration . For this, the World Trade Organization (WTO ) meeting, which cause irreparable suffered a rout of the Seattle protests in 1999 paved the way is sure to be a turning point . WTO impasse today in the northern half of the south you are moribund state of the Zapatistas in that if you need to deliver the right . The aim from the very beginning , the Zapatistas and their concerns and wanted to support active worldwide . They’re pretty good about that . Some succumbed to the worldwide support falling down, the lateness , December 2007 conference to revive the alliance has a clear effort .

What is fundamentally wrong in today’s world and that of the capitalist world itself insisted on changing what they emphasize that requires a real struggle . It is of course not the first proponents of the Zapatistas . These are their opinions and fight the problems of urban industrial proletariat think they kept limited to the Old Left ‘s traditional analysis finds more narrow opinion is a part of the post-1968 .


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