Millions Against War- protests against Iraq Invasion

It was the most peaceful demonstrations since the Vietnam conflict . Over 6 million people in 60 cities around the world took to the streets to express their protest against the impending war with Iraq .  According to New York Times ” On the planet there are still two superpowers – the United States and the global public opinion “

The organizers did not expect such crowds. Half a million people show up at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. It was the largest demonstration in the history of postwar Germany . At least 1.3 million in Barcelona , 250 thousand  on the Place de la Bastille in Paris , more than 100 thousand  at the UN in New York. May be even a million demonstrators filled the streets of Rome . 750 thousand British marched from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park. The most original slogan during the London procession was : “Make Tea not War “.

The marches were of  leading politicians , as President of Germany Wolfgang Thierse and two ministers of the federal government and the Mayor of London , Ken Livingstone , who during the most numerous demonstrations in the history of the United Kingdom exclaimed in London’s Hyde Park :” In this war was all about oil . U.S. President George Bush did not care about human rights !  ” . The American leader was a favorite target of attacks as the most dangerous warmonger . In Paris, the host being carried likeness of him the White House as a twin of Hitler , the ancient Circus Maximus in Rome banner showed a demonic Bush, who set fire into a UN resolution and heavy ivory foot crushes a Palestinian house . It was difficult to discern the slogans was calling Iraqs dictator Saddam Hussein to destroy its weapons of mass destruction or gave power and thus prevented a bloodbath . Iraqi student Rania Kashi , whose 17 relatives  ” disappeared ” during the rule of Saddam Hussein , sent a letter to his Internet friends in Cambridge wondering whether to participate in the demonstration: \ “Don’t use the Iraqi people as a pawn in this game of moral superiority . If you let a monster like Saddam rule for 30 years ,you have lost the right to do  ” .

Sizes of peaceful demonstrations surprised politicians in London and Washington. Advisor to President Bush spoke did not care about the voice of the people, and continued to drive the course of war . Secretary of State Colin Powell, a former soldier remembers the experience of Vietnam and seems to realize how difficult it is to wage war , which is opposed to public opinion , he urged caution . The demonstrations in the streets  didn’t  stop armed expedition , which  end on ” regime change ” in Baghdad. British newspaper ” The Mail ” called of thousands demonstration in London  ” impotent rage roar, central England \” . President Bush , British Prime Minister , Tony Blair , and the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard , after all, they know that they can no longer retreat. Howard, who also sent his troops to the Persian Gulf , said that he did what he believes is best for the country , and public support can not be measured by the number of protesters on the streets. Some  ” British government source ” , as he wrote newspaper  ‘ The Guardian  ” said : ” In our political demonstrations do not change anything. Abandoning it now would be the worst of all possible outcomes . Would lose all credibility if Saddam remained at the helm ” .

The Iraqi leader was able to stir after the United States with its European allies , divided Europe , led to the sharpest crisis in the history of NATO , certainly hides a number of weapons of mass destruction and would have to get out of the conflict as a winner ? The government newspaper in Baghdad said that the demonstrations , their spirit , meaning and passwords are  ” a decisive victory in Iraq and defeat and isolation of America ” .

.Marches , demonstrations and other forms of speeches against the war were continued, perhaps even grow , but they didn’t  change the plans of politicians in London and Washington, DC, seeking a name different reason for getting rid of Saddam Hussein.


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