Impact of the Media in Revolution

One small fire engulfed the entire Middle East and North African countries . After the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia , very few people , in such a short time and in a great country like Egypt, rooted in power for 30 years, Hosni Mubarak would have guessed that they would have to leave his seat . In the same days, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain , Iraq, Libya and other countries in the region that erupted in riots, the world is sitting on the top of his agenda . This revolution speed of the process of political, economic, international and systemic cause-effect already the most discussed issues of the agenda is set. However, the same process to do something very important to analyze the size of the media influence and contribution in this process . At Al-Jazeera and social media , including the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa experienced in the process of analyzing the impact of the media to understand and impossible to make sense .

Middle East and North African revolution if analyzed the impact of the media on al-Jazeera should be considered together, the second address social media. Social media that has become the trend of recent years, more independent and varied, more flexible and open to differences in the field of communication has opened a can be personalized. Many of us first that comes to mind is Facebook and Twitter, essentially only a part of social media, many of them outside the field of communication is available. This field computer or mobile device that is suitable for everyone to use and no one wants without direct control of the area can establish a communication with people has become a medium. In a matter of a few hours a group of people who are sensitive communicates with Facebook, Twitter share can fill the largest square in the city the next morning. Al-Jazeera after the uprisings in the region, therefore the major elements that have influence on social media networks.

Starting from Tunisia , Egypt and some other countries , especially the things we see , the regime was shut down access to the internet before swinging leaders . Thus, young people would not be so easy to organize . Internet and mobile communications in the period in which it is so easy for the realization of the popular uprising like today was more difficult in any case . At least 15-20 years in power in the Middle East displeasure with satellite leader , there were maybe 10 years ago in the Arab peoples . But it is precisely the emergence of channels like Al-Jazeera and social media with the multiplier effect of this revolt has become possible today . For example, inspired by Tunisia and psychological support area of Egyptians filled Tahrir Square , Tahrir Square and psychological support area inspired by other Arab societies descended to occur . This is uncontrollable ” exceed the threshold ” process . Middle East and North African societies had been rescued after the period of colonialism , most of them originated in the military so excited the first time against the leaders and their inner colonies no longer intend to clean .

Many people on the turning point in the history of the world , fed by conspiracy theories tend to think in a way . ” Big Brother” I see everything directed by the perception of a world system , in explaining the reason for social transformation as one of the most widely used method emerges . However, this method though is another name for the easy , though . Today’s Middle East and North Africa in transition, of course, has the effect of major powers . However, everything on this basis to explain the current uprisings in the Arab societies disrespect , as well as unsustainable in the Middle East in order to occur would be playing dumb . Yes, indeed the Camp David order in the Middle East and the situation became unsustainable society, primarily through al-Jazeera saw in his mirror . Hosni Mubarak, in power for 30 years, along with the U.S. and Israel as a partner of the Camp David order before anyone else did not offend the people of Egypt ? But society rebelled against the regime in order to govern themselves oppression they see the back wall climbing were required to demonstrate courage . Here’s what happened the last 10 years in the region , beginning with the invasion of Iraq and the ongoing process of Turkey in Davos , Arab societies , it does not exceed the wall will have the courage came to the edge of the psychological threshold . Accumulated over the years of the economic and social problems , corruption and repressive regimes already pointed out to the point of a social explosion . Then one day a young 26 -year-old has set himself on fire in the minds of the media and its ” revolution” occurred at a time overflowed . Today, the changes in the Middle East and North Africa behind the process a ” media revolution ” there. The impact of this revolution continued as long as the process of change will continue in the region .



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