What’s Next for the LGBT Movement?

In this article http://www.thenation.com/blog/175015/whats-next-lgbt-movement Urvashi VaidLisa DugganTamara Metz and Amber Hollibaugh  trying to predicate the future for LGBT Movement.

Authors writing about three general problems- law regulations, marriage and what happenes after marriage. For me this is the most interesting- marriage and what next? As we know homosexual society is fighting about rights to legal marriage for a long time. Currently it’s possible in fifteen countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay) and several sub-national jurisdictions (parts of Mexico and the United States).


After Marriage—What?

Accordig to Amber Hollibaugh an executive director of Queers for Economic Justice

“Gay marriage is a done deal. It’s only a question of how many barriers remain and how long it will take to have gay and lesbian marriages legally recognized in the United States. I don’t mean that the ramifications of these decisions aren’t significant, or that any homophobic discrimination is okay. It’s not. But the struggle of these last fifteen years has already transformed this country’s understanding of homosexuality; the two Supreme Court decisions come on the heels of that extraordinary sea change.”

When we compare how people were thinking about gay and lesbian and the way  they treat homosexual minority fifteen years ago we can see big change. But still it’s a problem in many countries. For example in Poland still we can easily see a lot of homophobic people but it’s getting better. Level of acceptation is higher than ever but Polish people still do not give equal rights for gays and lesbians, and it’s because of old reasons. IT is not natural and so not polish, its not they way of living that God support and also because of new kind of homophobic – don’t show off  much. But still 40 % people are supporting rights for gay marriage ( according to PBS campaign against Homophobic and “Gazety Wyborczej” October sounding). It has led to unconfortability to most of the societies in the EU, but it’s our record of tolerance. In February, CBOS surveys was 31 percent. Same partnerships supports, and yes, as much as 85 percent. Polish men and women, but only for straight couples. The record proved to be more accepting of same-sex marriages – 30 percent., So far reached 25-26 percent. Suprisingly, more young educated people ((16-27 years old)  are not really tolerant. In the European Youth Polls  of 2012  Poland was the last country to accept Gay Marriage after Greece, Serbia and Ukraine.

All of the subjects rate “based on tradition and morality” – as much as 64 percent. found that “legal in Poland can only be a marriage of man and woman.” 56 percent. not same-sex marriage as “a whim of the West.” So does the powerful prejudice that gay marriage is the brainchild of non-Polish or anti-Polish soil. On his watch is “modern homophobia”, which wants THEY “so not exhibited” (62 per cent. – Yes, 27 percent. – No). Its mission is to reduce the dissonance between traditional homophobia, which recognizes that the sexually immoral and others are not polish and  that they are all the same people as we are.

Amber Hollibaugh  also said  “If we win marriage, will this give us a victory that impacts us as profoundly as the oppression we experience? Will marriage make us equal? Will marriage make us normal? Do we want to be normal? Does the right to marry capture our vision and the priorities we believe are the heartbeat of the ongoing fight for LGBTQ justice and inclusion? To me, it doesn’t.”

But does LGBT society  want to be normal? I don’t think so, I think the biggest power of this movement is that all of them are different and still fighting together for their rights. Society believe in this myth that they are mostly guys, mostly wealthy, mostly white. But they are not. They  are of all kinds of people who fight unitedly for the same rights. Rights for love, for being and sharing the life legally with person that they love. And who cares if its the same sex or not?


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