Arab Spring three years later

One month ago Tunisia mourned Mohammed Bouazizi (Vegetable vendor). In December 2010 his tragic death was the beggining of the greatest revolution in the history of the Arab states .

It was December 17  2010, In Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, a policewoman confiscated an illegal stand of vegetables from Mohammed Bouaziz . Mohammed accepted to pay the fine ,but the police officer hit him and sput on his face. Desperate man  went to the building of the municipal government in the hope that he could recover his seized assets . However, local officials refused to meet with him . Then the dealer doused himself with gasoline and set fire at the doorstep of the building .

Now Bouazizi is considered by Arabs as a martyr . For many he is a symbol of civic discord corruption and nepotism , which led to the appalling social inequality . That’s why  the city where it all began remember this hero .

Arab Spring was the result of the mobilization of thousands of people and big civil protests for the ongoing restrictions of freedom and human rights violations . In all countries of the region , where protests took place , demonstrators chanted the same slogan: ” The people demanding the fall of the regime !” There wouldn’t be such great revolutions without social media. Disappointed by the lack of prospects for millions of young people planned demonstrations and documented military attacks on civilians and police communicating via the internet. In countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen, rising action plans such as protests made up of thousands, have been organized through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. “We use Facebook to schedule the protests” an Arab Spring activist from Egypt announced “and [we use] Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world.”

The Arab Spring has cost the region about 55 billion dollars .

But Aida Daly , the organizer of this year’s commemoration of the merchant , who gave a spark of the Arab uprising says that in Tunisia there is no reason to celebrate. Rustic secular society feels threatened by increasingly coming to the fore radical Islamists . The country’s economy is in deep recession.

We can say the same about other countries where mass demonstrations and fighting stepped aside long-standing dictators from power . In Egypt, as a result of the revolution , after thirty years of rule gave way  one of the most important U.S. allies in the region – President Hosni Mubarak . His successor Mohamed Mursi , democratically elected leader of the conservative Muslim Brotherhood remained in the power for only a year and was overthrown in a military coup . Still , there were protests in support for the Islamists , and deepening social divisions .

There also no disappeared poverty and unemployment problems that led to the revolution in Yemen. In a country that still explodes Al- Qaeda bombs. The new pro – western government policy , which asked the U.S. for help in the fight against terrorists, meets with a social opposition .

Libyan rebels with the help of NATO won the war with the government forces . In this time they killed their leader – Gaddafi . Despite this , today they adopted a new state law based on Sharia .

However, the most tragic is  the fact that the ongoing balance of more than two years of civil war in Syria. The UN estimates that the conflict has already claimed the lives of over 120 thousand people. Four million do not have a roof over their head, and two million have fled the country. The country is also in the big risk of  famine .


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