Zapatista movement and media

The Zapatista army of national liberation (EZLN) is a revolutionary leftist group in Chiapas where in the south of Mexico. This army was founded in 1982 by a group of Maoist guerrillas. They took their names from Emiliano Zapata who is the leader of revolution of Mexico in 1910 to 1920. They are against to imperialism and they see themselves as a protector of the ideology of Zapata. They believe that their own lands are autonomous area and independent from government of Mexico state. In their main ideology, people have their own lands in their hands. Folk orders and government applies. Their seperated and famous slogan is “Ya basta” and its mean is “Enough is enough”. Their other main slogans are justice, freedom and democracy. These are their general request for the all humanity.

EZLN made communication with the rest of Mexico and the world a high priority in the beginning. They generally use the satellite technologies and cellular phones to communication between each other. Also they use the internet very effectively to find support for their movement and to make their voices heard. They generate international solidarity with famous people and organization thanks to using internet and other technologies. Before these digital technologies they generally used again communication devices like magazines, newspapers, radio and television. However these devices were effective in their rural area and this was not enough for the international support. That’s why after the beginning of the using internet effectively they cut the using of the other communication devices. Nowadays they are the famous activist group on the internet and they taka advantage of the internet in every sense.

The Zapatista idea is the use of “tactical media” to draw public attention to a political cause. Tactical media means using mass media to criticize the power and government. It is a new and modern activism style in media. It includes short time media campaigns. Zapatista movement has this kind of many campaigns like “Chiapas Media Project” against to Mexico state.

We can say that EZLN is the best user activism on the internet to give information about themselves for the other people in the worldwide and to find international support for their movement and for their targets. This kind of groups who use the internet, new technologies, social media and new media devices can be successful to attain their targets on the international area.



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