Honor, with other names also known as honor crimes real, in the patriarchal society, marriage, infidelity, divorce or family mistakes made men more precisely, as a result of violence against women, or is known as the death-knell. ‘Error’ word is actually a condition that is relative to the person. That’s precisely why honor killings are faced with today.
When we look in the dictionary meaning of the ceremony nor the consequences of what does not mention that exists as a normal word.
Honor: ” 1 Adopted in a community, settled behavior and their way of life, rules, customs and traditions, habits are jointly held, all the way.
2 (in the narrow sense) moral behaviors in a society” (1).
Dictionary of words actually mean by this is inconclusive , and that what breed would offer one of the best in the nation knows us. But the honor, is not limited to just our country . In the majority of countries where the Muslim Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Sweden, of honor killings , are seen countries . This causes unnecessary in countries with different methods and the persecution of women and death decisions is available.
If we are to talk briefly ;
” Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and the United States, according to research in the murder victim in 40% of women and 70 physical violence before his wife was killed by or with the men .
More women are killed by firearms in the U.S. , beating or burning killing women in India are more common.
India soaked in kerosene and burned after woman ‘kitchen died in the crash , “he is reported to be very common use of .
In the world, Jordan, Morocco and Syria, the honor due to crimes committed family honor, relating to the protection has been committed criminal discount gidilmektedir.b in countries where honor killings fall victim to women at risk in order to protect an established mechanism due to the absence , in this case women being killed to protect the prison such as to end observed that the tragic reason to go to an application is reported that women who were imprisoned for years .
Middle East , North Africa and some countries in Asia in the name of honor killing as murder of women was seen, with information on honor killings in these countries is not possible. ” (2).
Observed in our country in the direction of increasing honor killings, some work has begun. In line with this study, “honor killings, the research commission” was established. His studies of the Authority in accordance with the killings began running numbers and years, attempts to search for a solution began on the subject.
” Violence against children, violence against women, media violence and honor killings, to present the work undertaken discussed 359-page report, the biggest feature between 2000-2005 murders committed sorting the first official data obtained is that. Unlike most honor killings, known as the place where the processing of the report of the Marmara region, which highlights the results reveal thought-provoking.” (3).
Where there is so much violence and killings in our country , these events ,new start? This research is based on the recent past, why ? These questions you tamper with people’s heads , while some media organizations, has recently started a honor publications such as violence began to make . Newspapers, such as honor killings still have something very interesting from page to page , like it was as if an ad is published . Honor series and movies in the recent period , the following article number in recent years should not be reached . Honor of our country from a badly thought out , almost an advertising component, returned to television viewing causes . Well, this problem is new? For years, it has been ignored officially barbarism. Yet in recent years, with the processing of customs issues people have learned a little bit and started to do something. Institutions and organizations, the event began throwing hand. But it is not known how it worked, our people after all these years, at least on this issue even begin to do something in the shade, I think that is enough to feed a hope. Yes, thank you on social media, our people go online and read something in the shade, saw the photos and was upset, rebelled and began to change some things now. Some authors, however, this problem is to reconcile with Kurds. Is the solution to reconcile with Kurds brings? Murder in our country again, we justify our dead again.
Recently, with the support of the European Union , some civil society organizations began to be too sensitive about honor killings . The studies should be supported by other organizations , which may contribute to the development of all circles and organizations should act responsibly . But it must be remembered , that will solve the killings , the actual training programs. Women , as second-class citizens of assessing understanding , it will make no contribution at issue not even mentioned .
I think there is a problem of the honor, the other is the problem of freedom . In our country , women who do not understand the idea of ​​being a citizen of a barbarian ‘s free our people , our women persecution in the name of honor is honor . Furthermore, in this case the other people staying silent , he was no different from the barbarians .
Honor , nowadays women has exceeded the limits of the word . Expand restrictions on homosexual victims of honor killings now covers . Today, these murders also have been honor killings . Especially in the eastern region of the country people are faced with this problem . This , I mentioned before , the person enters into to restrict freedom substances . The best example of this situation is now being processed on 15 July 2008, Ahmet Yildiz is murder. These killings are recorded as hate crimes passed January 13, which was released in 2011 and many award-winning film”Zenne Dancer” has been the subject of. Film, was inspired by the real life story of Ahmet Yıldız. Ahmet Yildiz, Istanbul is a young oriental life continues. Family for being gay is to stay away from. Stars who decide to live abroad, the passport can not derive as deserters. For military service, with the aim to prove that gay relationships take pictures during the branch can apply for a passport would no longer give official. But according to rumors acted before his father, Ahmet Yildiz was shot with a pistol. It is known that his father committed murder, but since then there has been nobody saw his father. According to another rumor, and even at the end of the film, as evidenced father committed suicide could not stand the situation.
” It is normal for honor killings ” to be published on the internet under the name of article says;
” Ministry of Education , ” Reflections of Media and Honor Killings , Effects on Parents and Students Survey” results is creepy .
Ministry of Education , ” Reflections of honor crimes in the media , parents and students on the Impact Survey” by the parents, 12.8 percent , 10.5 percent percent of students agree with killing for honor . In 11 provinces , 10th studying in class of 440 students and 440 vel made ​​with the results of the survey are as follows: ” in your family who commit honor crimes people react , what happens? ” To the question , parents percent of 12.8 students , 9.1 percent as normal I answer , while the parents of 10.1 percent , 10.5 percent of students ” think they have a right ,” he said .
– Honor killings 26.2 percent of the students ‘ side of the parents and 25.9 percent supported.
– Acts contrary to the understanding of honor students , 16.6 percent women , 10.9 percent of parents rate ” physical harm ” I say the same for men and 17.5 percent of the students responding , 11.2 percent of the parents ‘ side gave . “If necessary, I will kill ” while giving the answer for women was 3.5 per cent of the students ‘ i , parents, 4.5 percent for men, 5.9 percent of students ‘ , parents’ 2.7 percent was .
Parents of students more than the physical violence do to respond in the research ‘ toy’luk bind to and ” students’ life experiences is low and students 16 years old, they need to prove they are ” reasons were listed as. ” (5)
Regarded as the immaturity of the responses of students , officials , students and parents of minor differences between the figures , I think they are not aware of . In an institution for training students to think in this direction and raise awareness about the issue of crime who is not ? And the number of parents .. Today, we still read and honor killings are still registered as a perfectly normal with these figures . People are not aware enough , even in a training slot turns out these figures .
In this country, human rights, freedoms and individual rights without legal guarantees will not be able to prevent the killings . If you want a responsible stance to the media , human rights and freedoms should receive the agenda . Thread some corner or have not understood the problem of making films series to distort manipulated the people of the country through the efforts exempt from this responsibility .
If we want to integrate with the civilized world , you want to be our place in the orientation of contemporary humanity , we must not remain silent against this shameful . Quiet stay, to confirm .

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