Gezi Park Resistance Or Possibility Of Social Solidarity

Turkey has always a complex surface about resistance. People never could compound together from different thoughts. The resistances usually were arranged by a certain political ideology. After this period Turkey forced to produce nonpolitical, noncritical groups of population. The group can be described as %70 of it. In this situation, neoliberal economical profits could seep into society and the elections easily. Retrogression was achieved succesfully that AKP could won tree elections. Intent of the government can be seen in last 5 years clearly by society. Especially the 2 years, AKP government started to act by repressive mindset and interfere people’s personal lives. Also Commodifying the whole city with shopping malls, residences run up by proponent companies. So, the situation made Istanbul a disaster because the city is structured by othering. Economical status quo can easily seen. The C2 and D category of social-economical groups are forced to go to suburbans(e.g Toki Apartments)

Gezi Park resistance was the last point that sociey came. The motivation is collected from Haydarpaşa, Cinema of Emek and Bazaar of Kadıköy Kuşdili, anti-abortion implementations etc. Police brutality is always existed but in Gezi, it has a different feature that police assaulted to people who sleep in their tents in 4 am. Since this event, police did not stop the attack and it became more and more brutal. Nevertheless, the resisters do not answer this torture with physical attack. They use humor and cooperation with other groups, they created a calmy land on Gezi Park and nobody went their home. People started to feel themselves so safe with other people and these experience give a chance people not to scare from anything. Nationalists was next to the socialist one, and when they affected from the gass, they help them until the last minute.

The writer give a place on his article to Charles Tilly’s quotation “ In a resistance, symbols are effective as well as political resources” Gezi Resistance can create their own ideology, so we can see it using media tools and documentaries and symbols. The resistance has its own symbols, so it is a significant part of a thought that can come to existance and also it became very naturally.

The resistance potentiated that the people notice that they live in a country which is must be liberated and democracy never come this lands. Collectivism was achieved very succesfully and hopes became more than the past. Gezi could change route of Turkey’s media and the elections. In my opinion, the most important thing is everybody started to say what was i listen, watch is a whole lie and i am embrassed from my beliefs that comes from the mass media.




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