Generation of 68

          In 1968, Student protests that occurred in Paris , has reached an unprecedented level and effectiveness up to this date.All shook French society from top to bottom and the effects spread to other countries. Also these events took up to a month. University of Nantes was occupied by students.In many cities of France constantly walking, meetings, demonstrations took action during a month. 68 action is an important feature of workers is struggling students coperations.General workers go on strike, workers and students shook their actions were seen as a major force in society. Students wanted “Classless Society”. Students in all their actions, to reject the existing social structure and this structure was observed that aim to change in a fundamental way. 

      68 Generation in Turkey, formed under the leadership of my students is the name of Left movement in Turkey. I think in 68 action in Turkey with Europe is not correct to say that there is a direct link. Subject  interaction is acceptable, but I think as alleged collaborators of imperialism and of the more than 68 actions to imitate Europe to arise from an unaffected enthusiasm is not the case. 68 actions in Turkey after 1960, starting from May 27 before the step is a rising student movement. 68 youth movement in Turkey,all together with the world of the U.S. invasion of Vietnam, we can say that the imperialist powers has evolved with increasing pressure on Turkey.



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