At first, including Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Cayan, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya , under the leadership of people like created is the name of the leftist movement in Turkey. In the ’60s, occurs all over the world at the beginning of the freedom movement and anti-war actions, 60 years of youth known as the induced current. During this period, all over the world liberation movement has emerged as a very current. But starting at the Sorbonne student revolt in France and in America with Che Guevara’s capture of the 68 generation has started to exacerbate movement. In this way, ”the hippie movement” and” 68 belt movement” was begun.
In 67 years , E. Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia captured in the mountains in Europe, especially in Paris in the streets with ‘ Be realistic , demand the impossible “and ” no one could enter the path walked enter , open to ideas that anyone thinking of his head ! ” slogans took place. A better world currency ” dream based on the universal was an act . U.S. , Tokyo, Mexico City, London, Madrid, warsaw , Belgrade, Beijing, Prague , Istanbul and of course the 68 ‘s capital Paris countless riots after him dragged .
In Turkey, the events proceeded differently . Socialist revolution flag addressed students and began a period in which you try to pass the word . Right or wrong , a lot happened. However , the biggest part right honorable people , at the expense of the defending state thought was to remove the head . You people really very little to do today . Students leaving the school took the side of the workers and their rights defended . Flag her rightful portion so that the working class was history . The remainder of this generation , because the majority of people now have become part of the capitalist system , some of them today while setting up his own company , some manager in some large companies also operate abroad .

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