68 Generation in Turkey

Although it has been many years after their death, Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Cayan, Hüseyin Inan, Yusuf Aslan and Sinan Cemgil is among the dozens of names in languages ​​and still today in mind.

In the ’60s political issues with economic problems come on top of the water, the reaction of youth against unjustified invasions and massacres had risen thoroughly.

Students cessation of the Vietnam War, the abolition of compulsory military service, conscription law introducing students to change their walks, have held demonstrations. To detention, been arrested, despite the deaths of hundreds of thousands of those left students are faced with the police.

68 is also an important feature of the act, workers – students are united struggle. In particular, the general strike in France go to 9 million workers and students to walk the streets with political power to shake. ” Referendum” the prime minister now that night has been forced to explain the decision. The event that initiated the first of 68 generations Sourbonu in France at the University of student revolt is said to have occurred.

Paris also ignited student and worker protests, Turkey and South America, or jumped. With the worldwide youth movement in May 1968, in France, in particular the events in paris has been the most crucial sections.

68 Generation in Turkey, Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin Inan, Yusuf Aslan, Mahir Cayan, Harun your Karara, Left leaders, such as Sinan Cemgil formed under the leadership of the Left movement in Turkey is etched in history as the name. Revolutionary Youth meeting with them to reach large masses of people have disturbed the ruling, so students to prevent revolution, the U.S. CIA ‘s was immediately engaged. MIT also in Turkey and the police have taken action. Imperialism was screaming teens caught one. Some of them were killed in the streets, some torture, some of them have been in the sea hindsight, Hüseyin Inan, such as Yusuf Aslan was suspended on the gallows.

68 Belt leader Deniz Gezmiş in this country will always remain a legend that continues to live for sure, but also in universities is still present in his idalist groups who want to perform. Each student uprising of newspapers and television to make them normal, so the 68 generation are not forgotten and can not forget it.


Finally, Deniz  Gezmiş remarks;


Yaşasın tam bağımsız Türkiye!

Yaşasın Marksizm – Leninizm’in yüce ideolojisi

Yaşasın Türk ve Kürt halklarının bağımsızlık mücadelesi

Kahrolsun emperyalizm! Yaşasın işçiler! Köylüler!

                                                    Deniz GEZMİŞ







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