‘ National Liberation Army , known as the Zapatistas in Mexico, is located in an armed revolutionary group . Group takes its name from Emiliano Zapata , who are the people to resume their ideological views , and they see themselves as his heirs are known. The purpose of this organization, which was founded by Maya ; human life and is to take back their land . Using today’s technology with some of the slogans of the revolution of the virtual world are continuing in a serious way . Through social media supporters groups reached anywhere worldwide . It also shows us the power of social media is once again reveals . Zapatistas , the fact that we can see as a political tactic . Groupings of people who embraced the idea , giving information to the media about Mexico , is using the media as a communication tool . This situation occurred in 2013 , just at the ‘Gezi Parkı’ can reconcile it with the power of social media .
Defended their response to the issues and events really enviable . Actions have continued to tirelessly and fearlessly to the end and the rights they advocate . If my conclusions from what I read , these people really had great hopes for survival .

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