Student movements and media

Many social movement were started by students in history. Generally students were at the front of the mass in the protests or activities. Also, some events and activities called student movements by researcher in history because sometimes only students join that activities or they launched that events and than other people support them. 1968 is a milestone for the student movements because big student movements began in the worldwide in 1968. Firstly, events started in France than separated other countries and affected them. In every country, the facts of these movements were different but also they had some common reasons. These reasons were opposition to imperialism, opposition to war and human rights, freedom of thought. In all of these movements students tried to use the media very effectively.

May 1968 is a most important breakpoint for the history of France. Some students who were annoyed from the politics of the government and their management began to protest in Sorbonne University in Paris. After the intervention of the police, events get out of the control and separated all country. In the beginning of the events the count of the protesters were 400 but after a day of events the count of protesters were 20.000. After one week thanks to support of workers and public that count were 10.000.000 people. According to these counts, we can say that easily under the terms of the day using of the media was very important to find support.

The support of famous people for these events and seeing that persons together with students were very effective to support these events by the other people because television channels generally were in the hand of government and actually did not show the true face of the all events. However students prepared banners, posters and they published papers to make their voices heard and to find supports from other people. Eventually they managed that and government went to re-election. When these events were occurring, radio channels had live broadcast in the evenings to give information to people about events and televisions showed the events after a day of the events. All of these causes were effective to grow up these movements.

The situations of the events were not different in the worldwide in 1968. In USA, students began to protest government in lots of universities because of the Vietnam War, opposition to imperialism and racism. Black people and white people protest racism together in the universities. Imperialism was the common enemy to all people in 1968. Also, Americans understood that government said lots of lies about Vietnam War and government did that thanks to media. They made many pro-war publications to convince people to war and they tried to show people legitimacy of war according to themselves. However they could not managed to reach their target and all of the people who were against to war protested American government in the worldwide. Finally government pulled army back and they did not continue war.

Turkey also lived student movements heavily in 1968. The causes of the events were same with France, America and other countries. Also in Turkey, there were different causes. The events were not effective until France or America because in the end of the events, government did not change or a war did not finish. However there was a right movement in Turkey. Radio, television and newspapers were in the hand of government and students could not use these media devices but they had alternative ways to make their voices heard like handmade magazines and papers, slogans and banners. In the end of the events protesters may be could not have concrete results but they changed many ideas and they showed some facts people.

In conclusion, in the student movements, media affect was very significant to find support and to tell themselves. Both students and governments knew that that’s why both of them tried to use the power of media in the best possible way. It still did not change in nowadays. When we look at the last events which lived in our environment or in the worldwide we can understand that. The protests, social movements or governments which against these movements firstly try to take their hand the power of media. Nowadays, social media like facebook and twitter is an alternative media device for this kind of movements. That’s why social movements are more effective than old movements now thanks to social media.



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