Zapatista Army of National Liberation is a revolutionary groups in Chiapas of Mexico’s poorest states. It is also built-armed Zapatista revolutionary group. Their lands and their regions see themselves as independent from the government. “Land belongs to the people” and “People follow the orders of the government,” they say. Most of the Zapatista slogan “Enough is Enough” and “Justice! Freedom! Democracy!”. The internet to find support them, are using satellite technology.Even today, despite being an older group used the Internet to gather support.

 Zapatista is a social movement. The Zapatistas, globalization and neo-liberalism is the opposite. If asked why, if he Zapatista.Why they call themselves the Zapatista are walking the path of Emiliano Zapata.

One of the most important issues of the Electronic Disturbance Theater. Ricardo Dominguez, founder of the Electronic Disturbance Theater(EDT), notes the range of metaphors that have until now informed our imagination of cybernetic space: “frontier, castle, real estate, rhizome, hive, matrix, virus,network” (Dominguez 1998a). Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), established and published writer Ricardo Dominguez.

 The EDT created a program to allow Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD), called FloodNet a form of hacktivism which would help create the simulation of a sit-in protest over the Internet simply known as a virtual sit-in demonstration to disrupt Zapatista oppressors’ websites, by overloading their computer networks and servers.

The Electronic Disturbance Theater group have the belief that the Internet should not be used purely as a means for communication and data exchange. Instead it is also a forum for direct action.

The Zapatistas of his most important and interesting events is the bombardment of a barracks of the army barracks hundreds mexico paper plane. In the paper airplane is writing the following sentence:’’ “We know the soldiers did you sell your soul lives and poverty., I’m poor, millions of other people too., but you Zedillo and his kalantor gangs who exploit us defend your yoksulus for the poor!” 3 January 2000

I think  What is more important,but always armed with a gun as a weapon of war is not even funny water gun like a situation different from that of the Zapatistas action method still even actually signing are the timeless perfection. Because Marcos and the Zapatistas, as is true for us “Our word is our weapon.”In a letter submitted via paper airplane is the following: “Soldiers, poverty forced to sell your soul lives, and we know that. Like millions of people we’re poor.But you are the poorest of the poor. Because the president Zedillo and his gang are protecting our exploiters. “




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