A Virtual World

Radio, television, communication channels and diversifies the internet, we also began to change the nature of communication. 21 The first decade of the century, the Internet began to gain our lives and now we can not do without a net was a period. The fact we are in the era of information and technology, virtual reality begins to leave the place must have been a period. In the production of knowledge, sharing and re-production of the web-based technology began to be widely used social media during this period, almost as a social sharing space creates its own reality. In the most general sense of social media , people’s ideas , opinions, experiences, and perspectives to share and use to communicate with each other their “online platforms” as defined. The key concepts of “social ” and “media ” concepts. The Internet, a message to the recipient due to the transport function of the media is very powerful , no doubt . However, people over the internet exists as an information sharing and communication of their existence , they will point their socialization clear that the issue should be questioned . Social media described as the means of communication that provide people with opportunities and freedom can not be ignored , of course . However, the fact that these social media tools and social life itself whether , just create a virtual reality dimension that needs to be well understood . Think of a person ; able to meet their basic needs through the internet . Video speaks to everyone , deposit money account and send money to other accounts , doing all your shopping from the internet , school lessons etc from the internet is . You can extend this list as you want . In a nutshell I want to say , a display can regulate the lives of all people in a world wonder , is still ” a social entity ” asdefined ? We were in the “unavoidable in the world of virtuality ” people should avoid direct contact and experience many things from the experience of computer and mobile phone screens are . Our lives easier in respect of the parties to an appeal may not be one, but the fact that social media people “asocial” We need to see that it is a party. We do not talk to people, they are projected onto the screen by talking with, people do not see, we see by their projected onto the screen. If we do not understand the difference, then you really socialize with social media, we are led to believe. Whereas that is happening, “a virtual socialization” and the truth and nothing but a distorted reflection. Both visual and verbal sense of how we want to be the person on the other side of the screen so it is possible to build a virtual reality virtual worlds. This is actually not only a basic understanding of social media is a problematic basis of modern means of communication. Social media people are able to interact with people in different geographies or faster are said to be organized and this and there are so many useful and meaningful dimension of social media tools. However, they should not forget that a function. How millions of people the world over mainly through social media “socializing” that fall under the label of a virtual reality need to look at. This particular young people in the realm of virtual reality, virtual relationships into real life as you pass their time with a firm step assignments are living in distress. Social media tools, virtual reality is different from discussion and more “emotional” sizes are also available. Today, 50 billion dollars for Facebook, Twitter and in the case are valued at $ 10 billion. And many other internet-based social networking site available and installed on their total money when there is a market. Of course, almost all of them, which is the motherland of social media in the United States. The Internet, which brings a new dimension of global capitalism and the new, which summarizes very well today should be seen as an expression. The last ten years, the man can not do without Google, will not now becoming the social media-less. This motif of people addicted to the internet, contact with real people no longer even start building via computer or mobile phone is becoming a consumer. Defining the digital capitalism is largely an accurate characterization of the main engine of this web. Social media, including the internet of people becoming addicted to prepare the ground in all internet-based communication tools, directly or indirectly, in these digital tools of capitalism. So a teenager sitting by the computer for communication purposes, a portion of the time before the later part of his life across the screen “spending” begins. This dependence of the effect of social influence how over the years will bring forth time will tell.  As a result, social media, because it is in essence a virtual reality environment to socialize as people, but virtual. Be aware of this issue. Consciously aware of it using social media as a user object in position before turning into a consumer presence in the virtual world can sustain. This form allows social media. However, unfortunately, in Turkey and in the world generally the internet, in particular social media addict deprived of millions of people in a way that consciousness exists in virtual reality themselves in an effort to make it live. The main problem of the people in real life friendships in the virtual world or play over the internet instead of putting the events in the game to gain real life. An aspect of social media to communicate with people migrating to other aspects of the people by making them dependent on computer or mobile phone is to substantially.


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