Technological Era

Technological Era

It is a well-known fact that human beings create their own history that sometimes can lead to damage on public memory because history has a complex structure and its design based on society’s historical experiences. This experiences could be war, catastrophically events as well as revolution that create the beginning and end of the age.

For example, the first century started with cuneiform at 35th century BC continued to migration of tribes at 375 AC. New age which called medieval began with huge migration from east to west that the most commonly given starting point for the Middle Ages is 476, first used by Bruni. For Europe as a whole, 1500 is often considered to be the end of the middle ages. However, we can’t say any exact end date for middle age. Some of the events such as Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas in 1492, the conquest of Constantinople by Ottoman Empire in 1453, or the Protestant Reformation in 1517 are sometimes used. It is absolutely clear that the conquest of Constantinople caused major negative effect on European countries as much as Byzantine Empire because of Constantinople’s geographical and historical importance. Of course it was significant, but historical events comprise a whole in terms of its nature that should work through. Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas was also important event for history that it had been leaded to new migration to another continent. The enlightenment caused a huge changes, especially in European countries, so French Revolution was happened even its result was bloody. Actually, in this period, whatever result came up was not clear and there was no chance to understand the future for Revolutionaries, they just didn’t want to live under the rule of Empire and Churches as well. Nationalist or nationalism, born in this period, had foreseen the future in optimistic way, but their ideology just offered people race-based empire because there was no huge differences between nation-state and empire in terms of politics. Ruler of nation-state wanted to get whole world with pure race policy such as Nazis and ruler of empire, they wanted to get whole world under rule of king, was also same even their strategy and political way was different. WW1 and WW2 leaded to death of over 50 million innocent people under the rule of dictator ship’s desire. It is obliviously seem that nationalism didn’t give people another chance to live, but death.

After World War 2, which called cold war period, whole governments all around the world gave importance for technological development because old-fashioned war strategies weren’t working anymore in the bipolar world order. This age called also atomic age, so new weapons was produced, people found to way to observe the universe. For example, American’s send people to moon firstly in 1969 his name was Nile Armstrong even it is debate issue today. The age name was also changed again as space age that was also changed like İnformation and Communication Age in 1980s. It is clearly seems that time conception is narrowing day by day because technological advance comes to a state of inexpugnable.

We are live in İnformation and Communication Age and need to understand well what includes this era for us because we are using cell phones to call another one wherever he/se. The world is a global village as McLuhan mentioned that there is no far away concept anymore because of the internet. We can get information wherever we live if we access to internet. Today’s social movements is organized on the internet.

Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks that today’s street movements take shape in this medium such as Arab Spring, Occupy The Wall Street, Gezi Park as well. New York University’s research on Gezi Park show that censor, via mainstream media, wasn’t effect to political activists because of using Twitter and Facebook effectively. Activist make their own news and send via internet whole around the world. On the first day of the protests, in only a couple of hours, 2 million tweets were shared about Gezi Park and also 90% of twit was send from Turkey, 50% from Istanbul.

The first week of the movement, there are 15 million tweet was sent by 2 million people through #DirenGeziParkı. There is a million tweet was send during the movement in Egypt. According to this research, the role of the social media is very important. At the beginning of this research with reference to the definition of what is important to remember again. When determining the start and end dates of the ages of the communities affected to a large extent is based on the events. These events are the events that have led to a break in social memory. As in other eras in the era of Information and Communication Age is located in the assets of the business. This break may be the harbinger of a new era. But the future of social media will have an impact on the emergence of a new era seems to be an inevitable fact.


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