Digital Zapatistas

Reflection 3

Every cultural societies have an overload point in terms of problems of ideologies. Especially in neoliberalism. We can see the issue clearly in Mexico, also in Turkey. I saw many similarities between of these countries. Even the movements’ periods are the same(1968-60, 1980) these type of countries used to be forced ruined by the government literally in a long term. Because they has a huge complicated cultural relations and needs. Combining these groups in a democratic movement has to be done naturally. People should want to choose this way to go. So it is the most impossible way to solve. Internet has no limitation like traditional media whereas it has no fairless or equality like traditional media. Popular websites are belongs to ruler media stations’ websites. But the limitless prilivege could provide to reach the large masses in effectually.

Digital Zapatistas is the most melodious movement that i have ever heard (except Gezi park Movement..) converting a riot to unarmed way must have creativity. I believe that bombing Mexican Army with paper airplanes in Chiapas is the most powerful language in militaristic tactics. The movement has a potential to be sustainable, besides we can see that it has continued since 1994.  Zapatista Movement has a chance to break the boundaries of activeness. It means that if you want to become a part of a riot and you want to become effective in it, you should do it in active way or physically. But Digital Zapatistas achieved to destroy the difference between passive and active resistance. Because the past must be resolved with new opportunities.

Measureless monitoring and atrocity should be examined in a tactical way. Hackery is the most intelligent way of revolting. Hacking a government’s organ’s website and uncovering the secrets about corruptions etc. is more persuasive and viral as well. Usage of internet in this way cannot be denied easily. Thus, you can be big as the government even if you do not have army or, guns like them.




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