Khaled Fahmy: a baseline “biography” of the revolution in Egypt

Tahrir square of the Egyptian revolution and a lot of the events and history are important and today in history. First If we look at that corn event how to start events up to this time we can understand how this has become more comfortable. Firstly,opposition wants to withdraw Mursi of power.Mursi supporters of the opposition blames for ” Coup provoking ‘to make. Many people take to the streets and people may ask the question for this event. ‘How did you get so many people take to the streets to Mursi has caused?’ and ‘Who are they, and this street?. The answer to this people in the streets of Egypt ‘’anti Mursi’’. Egypt has been the many steps of the event. This happened during the revolution. According to Fahmy” revolution has come up with Mursi’s success. ‘ At the same time people in Tahrir Square came on the scene for speaking for themselves as a main player. As a result, people are now more stable,shows that there is a stable and powerful. These people are entitled. As I said previously, Egypt events have been many steps of and the most important of them Fahmy as saying : “We managed to bring down an Egyptian ruler and put him on trial and send him to prison. This had never happened in 5000 years of Egyptian history.”

Another important issue is, Repressive regimes of Mubarak in Egypt as a result of the increase people are also looking for help in management.In some cases, subsequently also known aspect of radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood” organization” has been there. So who was this Muslim Brotherhood ? Muslim Brotherhood organization ( Muslim Brotherhood -Muslim ) was founded in Egypt in 1928 . Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been banned for a long period of doing politics . However, to support the people of Egypt ‘s Muslim Brotherhood has a fine point . Against repressive attitudes towards the management of the Mubarak government criticism on human rights and democracy is present in . At this point, even though people have gained the sympathy of the people of Egypt after Mubarak concerns are reflected in the election results . Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party candidate Mursi, June 16 to 17 held in Egypt in the presidential elections of the total votes % 51.73 ‘ reputation by taking If he wins , the Mubarak administration’s last Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik ‘s vote 48% is around . The people of Egypt and anxious attitude is contradictory . (By academic perspective).

Consequently rebel movement that began in the Arab world, people no proof that any pressure is seen as legitimate. Violence, oppression, the ruling also seen in Arab countries is not desirable.




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