A Virtual World is Possible

As the authors ‘ theoretical opinion , despite any conflict between the street and the virtual world is not . Nourish one another . ‘ Word of the upheavals in social media and get us the results we have been supporting sentences .When it is in the past, media newspapers, radio and television , while our minds these days of internet media , YouTube, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter come to mind. Together with the emergence of social media networks have been many advances in the world .Nearly two billion people in the world are using the internet and this medium of users at the same rate as is being followed by people live .

May 31, 2013 , just as in movement began in the trip to the park . Action trip to the park for the first time in Turkey ‘s mainstream media with social media as the date that the record was officially defeated . Starting with a group of 50 people in Taksim harmless demonstrations, has reached 10 thousand or even million . In the process of the Arab Spring , social media’s role in the process overthrow of repressive regimes has been recognized all over the world . The nature of the Arab Spring turn into a massive and rapidly spread to other countries in the impact of technology is important.As is known in Turkey but especially the old left and the new era of identity, according to Marxist circles of neo-liberal propaganda tools and content are effective for location . Early contact with the outside world this environment a new enlightenment to the public was giving courage to accept the mission loading . Left with the understanding that a more Western type were going against public opinion .

Tactical media ;

1 – The choice of target audience

2 – Determining the goals of media

Formation of these two substances in the media is very important.

Media also produces its own its own language . media , to influence the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and even has the power to change .

Social movements of the ’70s and ’80s , even had difficulty in adapting . For example, the Kurdish movement began in the 70s when we look at how much headway with social media, we can see that , while listening to the radio in the 70s, one in their homes , today we have a lot more we can reach with the technological tools . Current propagandists of men shared his days also organized or how much the number of parties is low , now with technology propaganda organization founded on any topic , and we are witnessing a significant increase in the number of people . To say the least in recent years has been witness to many students of private universities through the propaganda regarding wage increases of universities and private universities, students step back other foundations that give to college students in destekği can not ignore . Also for example, #ZAManidegilBAU  it took several days and #bilgideboykotvar e.t.c..

As a result, a child of 14 years thanks to social media today, even with the information learned from the Internet that can show the response to the event. author, ‘Can a Virtual World is Possible’, I agree.

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