A Virtual World is Possible

As the author mentions in social media tools to communicate nowadays and used to spread the news , the most important organ. Nowadays, people no longer when faced with a social event and the activists ‘ what? ‘ In answer to the question of social media is emerging . Looking at the recent past, a lot of it is possible to see , for example . Egypt events, trips to the park is best known examples of these by anyone . Which is very close to us from the fact that I want to mention one example . 
Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication Campus students spearheaded a matter of Karaköy . If I were to talk briefly about the situation , Karaköy made ​​some new faculty on campus , they are now present in buildings due to inadequate working environment there is continuing education . This faculty at the school, located in the small working environment , has been the Faculty of Communication . Students who do not want to go to Karaköy , at school and in social media has made some action . As a result of the action , some of the decisions were changed. All courses there instead of processing 1 and 2 the weight of the courses that students in Karaköy processing, 3 and 4 two of the classes on campus has decided to continue training . But most people do not know in this case , there is a rear face of the event . Karakoy first wanted to be sent to the campus faculty , school faculty , one of the most populous and spend the most time to read the section is Faculty of Architecture and Design . Middle of last year , architecture students to be aware of this situation has caused great repercussions on the faculty . The jury at the Faculty of Architecture students who protests , also active on social media in a way that has taken place. Most students will be girls grounds at night, in school employment opportunities, workshops , stationery, school build around the grounds with the collected petitions in line in Karaköy the campus of Architecture and Design Faculty transporting the decision has emerged .But there ‘s a school and this situation was to go after us more in the Faculty of Communication by selecting the event has become a major . School held a protest , social media , cynical and full of rage ‘# bahcesehirayak the slogan written in a twit and news students are further subject to interest began , at first alone with this event fighting the Faculty of Architecture , unlike all Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication beside was . This is probably , Faculty of Communication this subject more spread can occur for the force response harder show , the decision clearly canceled , even if these social media coverage of people rummage have an idea that the articles and opinions may be available.
In this situation occurring in our school used the power of social media is one small example of the events . Social media not only in events across the country or across the world , but that may be trivial to some people , but with the power that can inform everyone about everything is a fact.

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