The Generation of 68

   In the world history, events that affect social, political, economic and cultural life, are named revolution, even they occur in a short time. Despite some of them do not revolutionize about relations of production, they change political development, ideologies, cultural life of societies. They pave the way for new initiatives and they give acceleration to sea changes. The movements of students in 1968 and the generation of the 68 that are symbolized by the year of events, are the process that is like the events mentioned above.
   In 1960s, when examining the history, it was not a surprise to begin occupation of universities.  The surprising event was the movement began in almost each of countries –instead of only European and the third world countries- in the same days and spread the other countries in a short time. Each process of history have provided to gain a different viewpoint and individuality to the emerging developments all around the world. In this point of view, we should examine the process of the world, in order to understand meaning and reasons of movements in 68. After the 50’s, capitalism system had been changed in couple of ways.
   As the USA entered the world market, it gave an international dimension to the flow of the capital and the directions of the flow as well. That change in the economy, not only was showing itself but also was affecting the economic level of the countries. After those effects, the new restricting in the social classes and according to this political and cultural differentiations were emerging.
   Young people were irritated by this chance and they thought that the living area was shrinking. Indeed, the rebellion against the system was raising due to the restriction of the liberty rights, not having the right to speak. The revolt was becoming a social problem growing day by day, and young people were the ones responding to that. Young people are the most sensitive to problems occurring in the community. While the problems that the society have is researched and generating solutions to them, it would be the hardest part to survey and make a research about the young generation. As the time is flowing quickly, the young generation will be the ones who keep up with this pace and direct it. It’s impossible to produce a solution to the social problems keeping the youth out of the case. The political authorities remaining indifferent to the demands of the youth had always failed in generating solutions. In additionally, the political authorities which respond with violence and repressive politics had been on the losing side. The history of the occurrence of the student protests is as old as the history of educational institutions. The emergence of student protests occurring in the world had been against sometimes to system of government, economy and social rights, sometimes to education system, democracy perception and cultural oppression. At the beginning of the 70s, the problem of finding solutions for the mass protests was the youth’s concern in the countries such as Germany, the Unites States, Italy and France. The problems of society was interpreted by the young people in the terms of autopoiesis and political solutions were produced accordingly. However, the attitude of the governments were as brutal as the demonstrations and the protests. Therefore, 68 movements spread around the world and demands uttered by the young generation increased steadily.


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