”The Political Power of Social Media”

Clary Shirky is an American instructor, writer and consultant. His article The Political Power of Social Media published in 2011. In that article, he explanis how the using of social media may  affect regimes and politics. Besides, he also mentions about the sucess and failures of social media using by its users such as citizens, politics or  dissidents people. He gives various example all around the world. For example, from Philippines, Iran, China and U.S .

According to Shirky’s article the power may afraid of the social media users because, they (the power,the politicians or the governments ) can topple by the citizens who use social media actively. If someone asks, how can it be possible? Yes, it can be possible. There are various examples as evidence in that article. For instance, at the time of The Red Shirt uprasing, people were communicating with social media tools. Protesters were savvy with the using of social media occupied downtown Bangkok (The capital of Thailand). Till Thai government dispersed and killing protesters. As shown in that example, the social media encourages people, citizens or dissidents to be heard, to say something or to unite them around the same aims. Social media gives a freedom. On the other hand, social media tools can censorship by the governments to prevents people’s virtual freedom. Shirky defines the instrumental view in his article. ”The instrumental view is politically appealing, action-oriented, and almost certainly wrong. It overestimates the value of broadcast media while underestimating the value of media that allow citizens to communicate privately among themselves.”  Those private communications, conversations or even messages among the citizens may leads to new movements.

In conclusion, i agree with  The Political Power of Social Media sociologists Elihu Katz and Paul Lazarsfeld opinions which are in Sciky’s article, ”Mass media alone do not change people’s minds; instead, there is a two-step process. Opinions are first transmitted by the media, and then they get echoed by friends, family members, and colleagues. It is in this second, social step that political opinions are formed. This is the step in which the Internet in general, and social media in particular, can make a difference.” There is an interraction between people who use social media or who has a virtual identity. They always affect each others.




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