The incident that is happening in Egypt is revolution or coup ?

After the second stop of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia still have not reached a layout everything . While fighting with the country’s political and economic instability , democratically elected by the vote of a majority of the people who came to power the first President Mohammed Mursi has become the opposition’s main goal is . Mubarak’s toppling of the process , from the 2011 constitutional referendum , in 2012 the People’s Assembly and Shura Council elections , presidential elections , and finally the new constitutional referendum lost fülul fronts a controlled configured revolt and a wave of violence and 30 June elected president, Mursi dismissed launched plans to purchase .

With the support of the countries of the Gulf of businessmen close to Mubarak , woodcutters called to criminal groups , on June 30 to attack the Brotherhood’s buildings have significant evidence that they are handing out money . That took place during the Mursi electricity, water outages immediately after the coup long fuel queues have disappeared for some reason , fill it with water to wells and extending into Gaza border crossings to close the prosperity of the first tasks has been junta .

Elected President Mohammed Mursi global aided by a coup overthrowing the then interim president and prime minister identified a temporary cabinet of installation work , while continuing subversive opposition side of the soldier role “temporary” would ” expectation” had , but this did not happen .

The world that performs a coup supported by the military , politics will not compromise on hegemony is naive to expect the most simple words . That democracy is nothing more to expect from the army .
From Turkey to Thailand , Argentina, Chile , Nigeria, Pakistan has no impact to bring democracy .

Khaled Fahmy ‘ We did not risk our lives to simply change the players’ in a portion of an article entitled
“As a secularist , I am not in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Egypt , and I ran Remain deeply skeptical of its political program , believing that much of it is vague and impractical . But as an Egyptian hoping for freedom and justice for my country , I am deeply convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood has a place within a free and democratic Egypt . ” Said. I agree with this sentence in a democracy people should be able to express their ideas freely and believe that the richness of diversity .

Mursi ‘s fault that he also accepted most of the lost votes in the next election as he is supposed to return the point we are now , not only for Egypt is an embarrassment to the region and the world . This note should be ashamed frame and actors in history .

Yılmazhan Turan


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