Arab spring and social media

In The Middle East, some protests began against governments and dictators and these protests separate very fast in every country on Middle East and some North African countries. People gave a common name all of these protests. That name was “Arab Spring” In 18 December 2010, a Tunisian guy, Muhammed Buazizi, burned him selves on the street and these protests started firstly in Tunis. The main reasons of these protests were more freedom, civil liberties, economical problems and another important causes. After these protests, lots of dictators and governments put down, some others leave from management, and some killed. Also during the protests, lots of people dead.

During these protest, people also used social media device to make their voices heard and to tell themselves for the other people in the worldwide. Social media devices firstly had different function and people generally used them to be social and to have fun in the beginning. However than people discovered that they can mold public opinion and they can mobilize the masses thanks to social media devices. After people understand these features of social media devices, using of these devices and purpose of their using was chanced. People began to check social media to learn what happen in these countries because other news agencies could not have more information than people who live in there. Blog writers were very important to take direct and fast news from these events.

Moreover, we can say that sometimes these social media devices replace the mainstream media in this kind of events. Blogs and forum pages were very important during these protests and events. News agencies sometimes used some blogs as a source. Already lots of TV channels and newspapers could not go to the source of events. During these protests, there was a civil war in these countries. That’s why blog writers and social media users were more important than ever. The beginning of these protests were also thanks to social media devices. People could communicate each other and they could organize other people to begin these protests through social media devices. Blog writers were like the general secretary of protesters. They tried to tell their problems and their targets to people  in the international area.

In conclusion, social media devices and their users affect these protests and these protests have very important effect on the other protests in the other countries. The types of protests were change after these events. Now, people firstly begin to protest on social media and they try to find supporter, than they organize the others, and after that they begin to very effective physical protests on the streets and squares.



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