Communicative capitalism

At the beginning of the 21st century, people was considered world is in different politically case according to previous century. It was claimed that the social movements thing of the past. However in this period, we have encountered with the Arab Spring. Then, in Greece, Turkey, Brazil civil movements was emerged. And gradually people began to go to the streets again. Moreover, this time the organization existed in the virtual world. The general causes of the riots all over the world is seen as, capitalism, neo-liberalism and opposed various restrictions. Jodi Dean argues, post-politics era ended in her communicative capitalism theory. People pour into streets and they are protesting to their rights and in order to save their future. This situation is not only a challenge of economic origin but also opposes discriminatory attitudes such as religion, language, race and gender. And today’s technology is playing the greatest role spreading of these challenges like a wave. Politics is still taking shape street but the organisation is taking place in the virtual world.

“More people than ever before can make their opinions known. The convenience of the Web, for example, enables millions not simply to access information but also to register their points of view, to agree or disagree, to vote and to send messages. The sheer abundance of messages, then, is offered as an indication of democratic potential.”

    As mentioned in the article democracy works much more smoothly in the online world. People can express their ideas without being subject to any control, they can open the discussion topics and they can share them with millions. For example during the Gezi Parkı protests, has spread a wave of social media tools especially twitter. So the whole world aware of what was happening in Turkey and people from all over the world voiced support. While all other mass media prefer to remain silent, news was reported concurrently through social media. During the Gezi process, Turkey increased to the first place of the most active twitter user raking. Some of the cyber activist groups were involved in the process such as Anonymous and RedHack. There was a digital chaos.

    The definition of democracy used for centuries has become unable to meet current needs with the existence of the digital world. Social media tools has become new public space with a unique language.

Erdem Oraylı





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