Khaled Fahmy who is first ?
professor and chairman of the American University . A liberal revolution destekçisidir.ortadog and academic studies that have focused on the Islamic world and history that scholars
Khaled Fahmy on this subject at the University of New York is working on a lectern .
Causes of the uprising ;
The story of modern corn in 1798 began with the conquest of Napoleon ‘s short-lived ,
Tahrir Square , the former president Hosni Mubarak to Devrim’n was the focus of Egypt against . Over 50,000 protesters occupied the square on January 25 . Square , the center of Egypt and the ongoing demonstration of democracy was adopted as a symbol . Of February 2011 between Mubarak supporters and pro-democracy violence erupted. 2011 also called Tahrir Square was released an iPhone and Blackberry applications . Applications everywhere Egyptians mass and uncensored thoughts on the developments in Egypt offered the opportunity to specify . The results for all to see was presented in graphs and tables . Square ongoing 18-day uprising , the Egyptian Military Forces has the chance to overthrow Mubarak
the millions who gathered in Tahrir Square protests Mubarak has to go for days . At the end of 30 years of Mubarak gave up and left his seat , resigned
After the revolution, corn ;
Tahrir Square, the ‘democracy anniversary ‘ celebrations and visits from other countries with important people in 2011 continues to be a symbol for the Egyptian Revolution .
• The government and the parliament was disbanded , the constitution was suspended.
• Transition management and administration of all countries temporarily took over the council of the High Akerman .
• Countries , 2011-2012 parliamentary elections in Egypt , the Egyptian Shura Council elections and 2012 presidential elections were held in Egypt .
• Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigns; Task deputy Omar Suleiman to give , but Solomon also resigned .
As far as I understand from some of the articles I read Khaled , a portion of Fahmy’n opinion on the subject ;
‘ My main contribution of the Arab governments put forward in this battle will be to reveal the attitude
 Turkey is always a very important role in the region oynuyor.türki var.türki common history with Egypt , and Egypt is very old , went in different directions after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire , but still a lot of interests in common and can be mentioned. Turkey and the Arab world from two perspectives are very ilgileniyor.mıs on how kardeşlerdir.akp the largest political group, the Muslim power was won and the AKP’s trying to take lessons from its experience of democracy . But the Muslim Brotherhood has a long way to transition to democracy . ‘
‘ able to send to prison the first time an Egyptian ruler , and this was a situation that in 5,000 years of Egyptian history . ‘
Fahmy in thinking ‘ my dad is the best ‘ thinking is dominant.
My own opinion ;
Does Mursi democrat ?
Army management would be confiscated ifthis democracy ?
Mursi, tahrir square, with its own militants and police suppressed a democratic attitude Would it be destroyed ?
Without public support , the army will intervene if Protrusion was filled Tahrir ?
We do not know , but did not sound Murs army to come to power .
Not blow in Egypt , revolution after revolution oldu.fakat brief upheavals in social situations might sound has a policy that does not change . A universal principle ;
Who has the money , the power is on , the law is still in force .
And for the realization of some things need time .
This is my time to show the end of the revolution .

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