Khaled Fahmy , Oxford and New York have made a career is a historian . In 2011, in his speech , cultural, social and psychological issues touched on an important point . As a result of this conversation is important, some of the youth riots have occurred .




Khaled Fahmy is saying , in the modern history of the Arabs – an odd quilter living in an old society of mostly made- up nations .


Fahmy, a liberal supporter of the revolution . Besides, Moscow , Washington and London there are people supporting this political regime .




Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt in 1798 and 1805 after his Muhammad Ali by some people after the events of the 20th of this event century was far lengthening . After these events, the people in Tahrir Square reacted by advocating their rights .




In 2011, Fahmy says . “We managed to bring down the Egyptian ruler and put him on trial and send him to prison . This had never happened in 5000 years of Egyptian history. “We see it as a success occurs . Again seized the capital of Egypt , the regime is overcome, then the people have started expressing their own opinions .




Fahmy Father- Knows -Best ” management ” are at the forefront of thought . For this reason , parents thought their children were planning to seize inoculating future generations already .




Nasser , fled Egypt after the 1967 war and the situation was right for him . Fahmy on this case in 2011, “We buried Nasser – Nasser wa finally killed . ” He said. 67 events for 40 years beginning in 2011 has continued and has resulted in . Finally, the leaders of Egypt that can eliminate an environment where people tell their thoughts freely attained . So in this case what will be the result ?







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