Expressing themselves with Internet

In Turkey penetration rates of computer and internet are %49 and %48. Under this circumstances it is impossible thinking “virtual” world in turkey separate from social dynamics in “real” world. Everything happens in streets also happens in internet. This is same for state too. The state tries to surveillance masses and keep them in control, also tries doing this on internet, and methods which are used surveillance masses and keep them in control are not so different in internet. For example states are trying to spy on peoples in virtual world as they do in real world. Courts tend to use evidence from virtual world as they use from real world(i.e KCK KCK;Koma Civakên Kurdistan, or Group of Communities in Kurdistan).trials. Thousands of Turkish Republic citizens have been put jail because of counter terrorism laws. States can disconnect the internet if that think it is required, when we remember the 1st of May 2013 we see the same situation, government disconnected the bridges and cancelled the ferries. They can ban the websites as they can ban TV channels newspapers or they can ban the certain words as they do in other media such as TV newspaper. For states internet is a perfect area to doing these because it is not so hard to reach data.

As Burce Celik says that thousands of people have been put to jails because of flexible definition of terrorist and terrorism in law. Also it is a fact that internet increased surveillance abilities of states but on the other hand people become much more aware of surveillance. For instance during 1980 military coup, more than two hundreds thousands people were putted on trial and this was not known because people were uninformed, during KCK trials or Gezi Movement everybody informed via internet not television. No longer some groups or people only have power on information, it turn to something could be shared peer to peer.

In 21st century people started to accept panoptic system voluntarily thanks to security cameras, surveillance has been became something acceptable as normal. Also netizens aware of surveillance on internet, as a user i know everything i have been doing internet has being recorded but internet gave me chance to become anonymous, to resist, to create my own discourse etc. as it gave to everyone. Celik says that “Kurdish activists have been using digital technologies, and particularly the Internet, to produce effective critiques of these trials and the preemptive surveillance, and to continue generating new discourses and representations, asserting their ethnic and political identities“. Kurds have been suffered from goverment’s pressure for years. Especially with internet they started to claim that we are going to feel this pressure anyway so it is better doing something and resist to pressure with our own discourses than just accepting the pressure. Also what internet means to Kurds is not just expressing themselves, also getting know world. Because communication via internet is a two way process.


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