Controling Social Media to Avoid Resistance of Kurds and Dissent

One of the fact of the 21th century is social media and compurized crowds. Since technology and its facilities has become a huge part of our life, whole separete of the life has changed and this change has done through the digitalized world. So it cannot be ignored that not just people but also the system -means states and governments- try to improve their capabilities about what their duties. It means that people can use technology, social media to contact with other people or to get information easily. Or if it is thought about system it should be about what systems want to do. Is it imaginable that formal ideologies want to do something for benefits of society ? Of course no! The system just want to control and press the society ill-considered especially for the part of society which are dissident.
The begining of the surrounding of technology, if control of the information on internet and social media is left aside, the collecting of informations of people via computing has started with cloud computing and it is definetely connected the occuring of internet. The cloud computing has several defination and these definations are change vary from the parts of using technology to the parts of using technology. But according to the our subject we are going to discuss it about the controlling of society and pressing the outs. As it known that the basic way of controling the informations and cencoring them is to collect whole datas into the one database. And the cloud computing exactly means that!
Kurdish who do not want to be known as to think ideological monotony and behave classical way. Find and opportunity to demonstrate their connection with modern society with social network sites. The system make an effort to control it by comprising with social network sites because the system feel uneasy about all of opporents and that process is resulted in action and reaction. The people in that sites might be blacklisted by the system. Therefore, the freedom that derives from the internet is limited by the surveillance of goverment.


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