A Virtual World is Possible

From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes

Geert Lovink & Florian Schneider — October 22, 2002

The article written by the author, is currently present content of the events. I agree with the author’s new media links to these lyrics. Virtual world is located of the events and in the very center of our lives. The virtual world is teeming with the media. I agree with the author as saying: ‘media are beginning to be seen as a virtual environment.’ The reason: If we look today, in the events of Gezi Parkı  is that took place in Turkey: media-TV, radio, newspapers or other communications and news sources did not pass the information to the people instead of the virtual world has learned (from the network) from.At the same time, this information is provided that people create their own social media. People are noticing existing condition is associated with it now. Whereupon

people are poured streets and into the virtual world. At the same time he asked in his article” What to do?”. There are many possible answers this situation but I can not find any answers to these questions right now with this incident. If we also spoke about the protests :’’ Indymedia crops up as a parasite of the mainstream media. Instead of having to beg for attention, protests take place under the eyes of the world media during summits of politicians and business leaders, seeking direct confrontation.’’ This situation is very much true and materialize. For example,very recently in Turkey at Istanbul Bilgi University,In a meeting held by someone very famous speech students want to ptostest, but as the author wrote in ınstead, this situation begs continued to talk to the head of the speaker of the launch made ​​with shoelaces. Also speech was a speech viewed over the world.In a nutshell, as the authors say in we’re not looking for an equality only in the digital level.We, as well as global existence of a revolutionary constituent in digital platforms are in the middle of a process.




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