Disquiet and despair: the gender sub-texts of the ‘Arab spring’

Reflection #2


Disquiet and despair: the gender sub-texts of the ‘Arab spring’

Link: http://www.opendemocracy.net/5050/deniz-kandiyoti/disquiet-and-despair-gender-sub-texts-of-arab-spring

Arap spring is known as the biggest social movement in 21.century. The movement has started from Tunusia and spread to nowadays since 2010. This movement’s conditions related to unemployment, bad life standart, absence of  freedom of expression etc. So where is the women’s rights in this movement? The author emphasize her topic as “ scream” in my opinion it seems like screaming middle of the issue as well.

Nobody can deny the fact that women’s right and freedom is always in danger and the biggest problem of this region for dozens of years because of historical, colonial, religious and patriarchal backgrounds. This movement was combined with “democratic” and “social movement” words. The movement was succeeded in some crucial areas in practical way, but it could not actually. Generally, the armies defeated the governments in Tunusia, Yemen and Egypt. The feminist communities whose are working for women’s right in these countries, they started to give up their hopes because of rapes, abuses and harrasments during the riots. Also after the new parties on governments they did not change anything about Women’s Rights, besides they limited more than the past. Perception of freedom is not understood by these societies because of patriarchal and Islam thoughts and they are widely open to be manipulated. The governments that came to the fore are totally based on Islamic understanding, so it does not cause any difference about women’s place in the society. Many women are forced to chastity tests because of they want to show themselves in Tahrir Square and the other places for their rights. Police violence against to women in Egypt is legalized by new government. The rate of rape in the countries is increased in contrat to before the movement.

“Is there a Democratic Paradox?” The author asks. This whole thing is a huge paradox and it is not fit to spring or any kind of pretty words. Because in Middle Eastern people get used to see the blood which is made normal by Islamic, Shariah Law. In this sense, humanity is the last thing we can speak in there. If you want to get over the injustice, you should encounter blood and guns. In Turkey, it reminds me execution of Konca Kuriş(She was Feminist Islamic writer). She wanted to show up interpreting the Kur’an should not be dogmatically. After her these comments, Hezbollah executed her the way of Shariah in Konya. Speech of freedom as a woman caused hatespeech in these patriarchal societies. The countries are exposed to religious mindset because reverse of this cannot be useful for somebodies.

Women’s right are still locked in their homes and man’s ego satisfaction so that Arap spring did not change anything and it is not the name of freedom unfourtunately. Being an undependent country is possible to release people’s minds and bodies. Problems in economy and the other sections happens by the reason of creating passive citizens. For these reason, liberalization of women refers to the whole freedom.



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