Egypt – revolution goes on?

Reflections on Arab Spring in Egypt.

In the article and interview Khaled Fahmy: a baseline “biography” of the revolution in Egypt, Khaled Fahmy is quite optimistic and shows the revolution in historical context. For him the importance of revolution comes from it’s success – that people finally gained the right to decide for themselves:

Mubarak was the last of a long line of rulers whose Father-Knows-Best game was to hold his people in arrested childhood.

The success had also a historical meaning:

We managed to bring down an Egyptian ruler and put him on trial and send him to prison. This had never happened in 5000 years of Egyptian history.

What is also important for K. Fahmy is that the revolution didn’t cause much bloodshed and was quite peaceful. In the end he states that although he does not think of Muslim Brotherhood as the right people in the right place, but today this issue is not very important for him.

Author has right to think of overthrowing a ruler as an important achievement in history of Egypt, but going back 5000 years in his rhetorical speech has quite doubtful meaning since people don’t have anything in common (social, cultural, historical or genetic connection) with today Egyptians. Also it is not a surprise that revolution was rather peaceful – it is not uncommon and Egypt had to loose many things (especially in economy).

His doubts about Muslim Brothers were correct, but a little to small. In his article for CNN he describes events from the „end” of revolution till November 2012. In writings he states how he has accepted Brotherhood rules, although he did not agree with them, and why in the end he decided to stand against the government.

The main reason for changing his attitude toward government were brutalization of life, corruption  in government’s policy towards their citizens and letting police do whatever they want. He states that: We did not risk our lives simply to change the players and because of it our revolution continues. Today Egypt is rather peaceful. Again! But did thet realy fight for this? Is it the end of revolution? The time will show.

After French Revolution one of journalists stated: „the Revolution devours its children”, of course it is not always true, but after overthrowing Mubarak some of the observers stated that there is a high possibility of instability in Egypt in the future and that this “revolution” is not necessary the last one. He was right, and history of other revolutions shows that he had a high chance of being right.

Revolution in Egypt for sure was very important for their citizens (it’s obvious) but also was important as a part of Arabic Spring, since role of Egypt in the region is quite big. But Arabic Spring or Middle East Movement did not end, not because there are still Arabic countries where people want a change similar to that in Egypt, but because uprising which evolved in to civil war still consumes lives in Syria.


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