A Virtual World is Possible

Reflection #1

“A Virtual World is Possible

From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes.

Geert Lovink &Florian Schneider – OCT 22, 2002

Link: http://geertlovink.org/texts/a-virtual-world-is-possible/

Firstly, I agree with the writers  on the argument thar the virtual world is possible. It is possible but the question is “how can we handle it?”.  Because the Internet is an invention which is compressing or collecting functions of traditional media in itself. So, we have many access to do anything whereas we have problem of noises. Internet and its virtuality can cause many noises in communication process. Otherwise, it is the best way we can share our arguments, thoughts, ideas about society without taking the approval from government regulatories. It is not like traditional media such as Tv, radio or print news where the whole writing and editorial process is very much bounded with the political economic boundaries of media ownership or conglomeration. The whole control is in our hands, we can open or close whatever we want. So, the manufacture of consent is perhaps less likely to emerge.

The writer asks “ How long can a movement grow and stay virtual?” Contemporary movements tend to be exemplary. Permanency for a movement is a hard task to reach. So we should find some solutions in this respect. Approaching protests as campaign can be one of the options.

For instance, in 2010, volcanic eruption occured in Rejkjavik, Iceland. By the way, the land’s economy is based on tourism completely. Because of the eruption, many people cancelled their vacations  there. Even the phenomenon affected world common aviation area so that people’s mind filled with the fear of volcano  and people hesitated to go there for any reason. Finally, citizens of Rejkjavik started a campaign which is called “Inspired By Iceland”. They created an amazing campaign on internet for zero cost. The campaign aimed to pull people’s fears down and make them to come to Iceland again. In result, Rejkjavik make 100% profit in 2012 by torism, the campaign could reach dozens of multitudes. This achievement happened thanks to Iceland’s society totally. To short, make durable movements in internet is possible, but the “how” question is the main and strategic point. Creating a virtual world should combine people’s mindset and relevant interfaces of movement and also apperency. It cannot stand isolation or the lack of communication.



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